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Italian Restaurant

Italian restaurant Beijing


• Danieli's
Danieli's is one of the best Italian restaurant in Beijing.
Recommended Dishes: Goose Liver Salad, Oxtail Soup, Lobster Spinosini, Tiramisu
Address: 2/F, St. Regis Hotel, No.21, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 10 6460 6688 ext. 2440

• Panino Teca
Recommended Dishes: Ciabatta, Salad, Muffin
Address: Sanlitun Bei Xiaojie, Chaoyang District (near Assaggi)
Tel: +86 10 8454 1797

Danieli's Restaurant

• Annie's Café
Recommended Dishes: Cream of Mushroom Soup, Annie Pizza
Annie's Café (Modern City Branch)
Address: west gate of SOHO Modern City, No.88, Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District
Annie's Café (Chaoyang Park Branch)
Address: west gate of Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District
Annie's Café (Nongzhanguan Branch)
Address: No.16, Dongsanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District
Annie's Café (Lidu Branch)
Address: Jiangtai Business Street, Chaoyang District (north of Lidu Hotel)
Tel: +86 10 8589 8366

Recommended Dishes: Tiramisu, Baked Seafood Rice, Pasta, Pumpkin Cheese Cake
GINO (Zhongyou Branch)
Address: B1, Zhongyou Emporium, Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District
GINO (Xizhimen Branch)
Address: 5/F, Huatang Emporium, No.112, Xizhimenwai Dajie, Xicheng District
GINO (Dangdai Branch)
Address: B1, Dangdai Emporium, No.40, Zhongguancun Dajie, Haidian District
Tel: +86 10 6591 6178

• Bravo Italian Restaurant
Recommended Dishes: Doria with Meat Sauce, Doria with Tunny, Roast Chicken Wing, Pizza
Hours: 09:00 - 23:00
Bravo Italian Restaurant (Shuangjing Branch)
Address: 1/F, Unit C Youshige, 8, Guangqumenwai Da Jie, Chaoyang District
Bravo Italian Restaurant (Wudaokou Branch)
Address: Zhongguancun Donglu, Haidian District
Bravo Italian Restaurant (Zhongguancun Branch)
Address: 1/F, Zhongxin Shuma Mansion, No.52, Beisihuan Xilu, Haidian District
Bravo Italian Restaurant (Wangjing Branch)
Address: 1/F, Wangjing International Business Center, No.9, Wangjing Jie, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 10 5172 2902\

• Peter Pan
Recommended Dishes: Pizza
Peter Pan (Sanlitun Branch)
Address: west of Beixin Jingyi Mansion, Xiwu Jie, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Peter Pan (Lanbao Branch)
Address: S125, Lanbao International Mansion, No.3, Xidawang Lu, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 10 6465 1661

• Jay's Corner
Recommended Dishes: Baked Scallop with Cheese, Pizza, Pasta
Address: No.11-3, Sunken Square, Huarun Zhidi, No.9, Huayuan Jie, Xicheng District
Tel: +86 10 6465 3388 ext. 5707

• Passby Bar
Recommended Dishes: Pizza
Address: No.108, Nan Luogu Xiang, Dongcheng District
Tel: +86 10 8403 8004

• Pasta Restaurant
Recommended Dishes: Napoleon Pasta, Pasta with Meat Sauce, Pasta with Seafood
Address: B05, 1/F, Jinyuan Time Shopping Center, No.1, Yuanda Lu, Haidian District
Tel: +86 10 6436 3735

• Assaggi
Recommended Dishes: Silver Fish, Cheese Cake
Hours: 11:30 - 14:30 18:00 - 23:30
Address: 1, Bei Xiao Jie, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 10 8454 4508

• +39
Recommended Dishes: Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu, Pumpkin Soup
Address: No.6, Beisuhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 10 8457 2839

• Trattoria La Gondola
Recommended Dishes: Cream and Mushroom Pasta, Pizza, Macaroni
Hours: 11:30 - 14:00 17:30 - 23:00
Address: 1/F 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District
Tel: 86 10 6465 3388 ext. 4215

• La Dolce Vita
Recommended Dishes: Pizza, Tiramisu, Cream of Mushroom Soup
Address: No.8, Xindonglu Beiduan, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 10 6468 2894

• Gisa Italian Restaurant
Recommended Dishes: Pizza, Tiramisu
Hours: 11:00 - 14:00 18:00 - 23:00
Address: 1, Nongzhan Bei Lu, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 10 6594 0938

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