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Guangzhou Flights


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Guangzhou Flights Schedule

• Domestic Flights



Departure Time

Arrival Time

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First Class

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Economy Class

CZ3101 Beijing 08:00 11:05 CNY4,070 CNY1,860
CA1352 Beijing 13:00 16:00 CNY4,070 CNY1,860
CZ3161 Beijing 14:00 17:20 CNY4,070 CNY1,860
FM9302 Shanghai 08:25 10:50 CNY2,720 CNY1,440
MU5304 Shanghai 12:30 14:45 CNY2,720 CNY1,440
CZ3503 Shanghai 16:00 18:25 CNY2,720 CNY1,440
CA4310 Chengdu 08:40 10:55 CNY2,500 CNY1,850
CZ3413 Chengdu 14:05 16:20 CNY2,500 CNY1,460
CZ3219 Xian 09:15 11:50 CNY2,840 CNY1,650
MU2302 Xian 13:15 15:50 CNY2,840 CNY1,650
CA1720 Hangzhou 10:40 12:35 CNY2,050 CNY1,210
MU2358 Hangzhou 13:25 15:30 CNY2,050 CNY1,210
CZ3236 Guilin 08:25 09:30 CNY1,300 CNY770
CZ6322 Dalian 13:05 16:20 CNY3,850 CNY2,210
ZH9617 Nanjing 09:50 11:55 CNY1,930 CNY1,340
ZH9665 Changchun 12:00 15:55 CNY3,820 CNY2,600
CA4354 Chongqing 09:00 11:00 CNY2,280 CNY1,690
MF8334 Xiamen 14:25 15:40 CNY1,300 CNY700
CZ3972 Zhengzhou 14:05 16:15 CNY2,590 CNY1,510
ZH9553 Lanzhou 10:50 15:20 CNY3,000 CNY2,050
CZ3463 Lhasa 09:00 14:25 CNY4,660 CNY2,660
HU7302 Haikou 07:45 08:55 CNY1,370 CNY810
CZ3517 Ningbo 11:25 13:20 CNY2,300 CNY1,350
CZ3376 Changsha 10:10 11:25 CNY1,350 CNY800

•  International Flights:



Airline Company



CZ3091 Manila China Southern Airlines 2h10m

Every Monday, Wednesday,
Friday and Sunday

CZ397 Manila China Southern Airlines 2h5m

Every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday

MH377 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines 3h55m Daily
CZ327 Los Angeles China Southern Airlines 12h50m Daily
CZ385 Tokyo Air China 3h55m Daily
CZ353 Singapore China Southern Airlines 3h50m Daily
CZ301 Sydney China Southern Airlines 10h20m Daily
CZ325 Sydney China Southern Airlines 10h25m Daily
CZ359 Delhi China Southern Airlines 5h25m

From Monday to Sunday
except Thursday

Guangzhou Flights

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