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China tours from private to group tour packages at unbeatable prices. We'll match the advertised price of any competitors.

We offer hundreds China package tours sorted by different categories. Our affiliates and partners in China guarantee us to provide a better price for all to China.

China Tour

China Tour Packages

China tour packages ranging from private to group tours at unbeatable prices. We'll match the advertised price of any competitors.

Best China Tours

China is one of the world's four ancient civilizations, it is rich of such cultural and natural heritages.With more than 5000 years of civilization, China has a great number of outstanding thinkers, scientists, artists and writers made brilliant achievements in mathematics, medicine, astronomy, agriculture and architecture. Today China boast over 1.3 billion people and has 56 ethnic groups. The beautiful landscape, rich history, and abundant cultural heritages have composed Chinese colorful tourist resources.

By mid of 2010, China has 47 world heritage sites. The heritage sites can be grouped into 10 categories: Palaces, Altars and Temples, Mausoleums, Military Defenese, Old Cities, Ancient Villages, Classical Gardens, Religious Buildings, Primitives Sites, Mountains, Rivers and Ancient Engineering Projects.

The world heritage sites of China located in 14 provinces, 3 special municipalities and 3 automonous regions, yet they are only a few representatives of China‘s countless wonders of nature and culture. The integrity of nature and culture is the major feature of Chinese civilization, which is exactly in China‘s world heritage sites. Its resources of humanities and nature, be it a mountain or a river or a historical site, are indispendable and united, a unique glamour from a perfect mixture of nature and culture.

With nearly 30 years experiences and recommendations from hundreds of our satisfied passengers, our Best China tours top 10 as follow will help you make a decision for your trip to China. Ranging from 6 days to 24 days, our best China travel packages cover all must-visit destinations of China for your first or multipal China trips.

If none of our tour packages meet your inquiry entirely, please feel free to contact us and we'll tailor-made your tour in 24 hours for Free.

China Group Tours

China group tours are usually from 6 to 15 people, which is a smart way to tour China for less. Make new friends while sharing A/C coach, professional English-speaking guide and also your experiences with other travelers.

Yangtze River Tours

Tour Yangtze River by cruise is a smart choice to explore the amazing Yangtze River. Combining with other hot destinations like Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai, etc. our Yangtze River packages make your visiting of China at ease.

China Train Tours

Travel China by train in China is one of the most commonly used modes of long-distance transportation in China. China has well-developed rail system, the operating rail network covers a total length of 86,000 km, make traveling in China by train easier and safe.Taking fast or sleeper trains between each city, our China train tours create your trip to China a pleasant one at lower cost.

Tibet Tours

Tibet tours will guide you traveling in Tibet, covering every inspect of Tibet tour, from Tibet Permit to all must-see cities and attractions in Lhasa, Shigatse, Mt. Everest and much more.
Tibet tour is now very popular since it is one of the world's most extraordinary destination. Our Tibet travel tours sorted by different categories covers Lhasa tours as well as multi-city tour to Tibet, ranging from Tibet group tours to private Tibet tours.

Private China Tours

Private tours of China elaborately designed by our professional staff to cater to your specific budget and taste. Being China expert since 1986, we offer the most comprehensive tailor-made private tours at the best prices to meet your enquiry 100%. 

Silk Road Tours

Silk Road tours will guide you to the Great Wall at Jiayuguan, Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, the Turpan Basin, the famous Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar and many more.

Yunnan Tours

Plan your Yunnan tour?  Our Yunnan tours ranging from private luxury to cheap small group tour packages to Yunnan Kunming, Lijiang, Dali and Shangri-La with best services and great price.

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Savings big on your China tours by Early Bird Offer! You can save your money up to 10% if you are going to make your booking in advance on our designated China package tours. We keep the same high quality travel service though we offer the discounted rates.

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• 10% Discount for booking and deposit made 90 days prior to tour commencement.

This offer is not available for the bookings which only include single travel items such hotel, tickets, transfers and single destination packages.

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