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China Train Guide

How to Read a Train Ticket?

When you read a ticket, please pay attention to the Chinese character and pinyin after a place name. Directions: north, south, east, and west are printed in pinyin on tickets instead of English, respectively Bei, Nan, Dong, and Xi. For example Beijing South Railway Station will be printed as Beijing Nan (北京南) on a ticket (see the second ticket below), Beijing East is showed as Beijing Dong (北京东), Beijing West (Beijing Xi, 北京西), and Beijing North (Beijing Bei,北京北). Please make sure you are going to the correct train station. 

China Train Guide

China Bullet TrainChina High Speed Trains in Operation•C TrainThe C Train at present only refers to the High

China Train Ticket TypesHard SeatHard Seat is cheapest way to go around in China The hard-ticket car is usually

Hard SeatHard Seat is cheapest way to go around in China The hard-ticket car is usually very crowded Very oft

If you have a soft sleeper train ticket, that means you will spend the night in a 4-bed cabin or 2-bed cabin The cabin has a door with much privacy

•Seats and BerthsPassengers should take their own seats or berth according to the information on their ticket

•Dining CarAll China trains except short distance train have a dining car servicing Chinese meals, drinks, an

On the off chance that you book a China train ticket from Sino Tour, and you needn t bother with the ticket conveyance administration to your hotel, you ll need to collect the paper one preceding loading up

China Train FAQs• How many days in advance should I book my ticket?Answer: Train tickets can be booked thro

China Train Tickets Booking Terms & Conditions•Ticket BookingChina train ticketsgo on sale 20 days in advance

Amid China holidays, it can be somewhat hard to purchase a ticket, particularly hard sleepers tickets; a few tickets popular can be sold out in minutes once accessible

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