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China Train Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

Passenger is allowed to take a certain amount of carry-on baggage for free.
•Child: 10 kg (22 pounds)
•Diplomat: 35 kg (77 pounds)
•Adult: 20 kg (44 pounds)
•The total length of each item should be within 160 cm. 
•Rod-shaped baggage should be within 200 cm in length and 20 kg (44 pounds) in weight.
•Wheelchairs can be brought onboard for free.
•If the baggage exceeds the allowed amount (either by weight or size), please use the baggage consignment service. We recommend that tourists go to the railway stations earlier to have your luggage checked and pick it uP when you arrive at your destination.

Luggage Space

High-speed trains (C, D & G)

• In the seat carriages, there are two luggage racks over seats at either side of the coach available. The rack is only 45 – 50 cm wide and 50 – 60 cm in height. Therefore, the carryon luggage should not exceed 60cm long, 35cm wide and 35cm high, and the dimension should be No more than 130cm. Rod shape luggage can not exceed 180cm in length. An international standard 28” luggage with the linear dimensions within 158cm is too large for the rack, and smaller luggage of 24”, 22”, 20”, and 18” can be put on the rack. 
•Passengers travel with luggage larger than 28" can place your luggage at the closets at the connection between two carriages, but the space is limited and suitcases are piled one on another. Therefore, you’d better check in early and find a place for your suitcase, and take care of the fragile items.The back of the last row of seats also has room for large luggage. On some D or G trains, if you sit at the first row, there is room for your large luggage. 
• In the soft sleeper cabin on some D trains, there is no luggage rack or closet. Passengers can only place your luggage under the table or the lower berths. The lower berth is about 25cm high above the ground and the table is about 70cm high.

Ordinary Trains

•Ordinary trains (Z, T, K, Y, S, L, and accommodation) of China do not have special carriage or closets for carry-on luggage. All luggage should be put on the racks above seats or berths or under the seats or berths. Please be advised that there will be no room for large size luggage on passengers' carriage. 

• Hard Seat: Luggage racks are over the seats at both sides of the carriage. The rack is 56.8cm wide and a large 28” luggage can be placed on it. Futher more, the 70cm high table and 30cm high seat provide room for baggage. 

• Soft Seat: The rack is as large as that in D & G trains. Passengers should consign their large luggage in advance. 

• Hard Sleeper: The rack is over the aisle and 53cm wide. There is also room for luggage under the 70cm high table and 25cm highlower berths. Some hard sleeper coaches have luggage closets inside the compartment, then the space for luggage will be much smaller than a rack.

• Soft Sleeper: The closet is inside the compartment. It is about 50cm wide and 40cm high. You can also put your luggage under the table or the lower berths. 

• Luxury Soft Sleeper: The closet is above the door and is as large as that in soft sleeper compartment. Each cabin has two beds, so there is enough space for luggage in the room or under the lower berth. In addition, there is a closet for clothes.

Buggage space China Train Luggage Size

Luggage Restrictions:

The following items are prohibited on board:
1. Items whose transportation is prohibited or limited by the government.
2. Dangerous goods, ammunition.
3. Animals and goods (goods with revolting smell included) which will affect public hygiene.
4. Items which may harm other passengers, such as knives (fruit knife included).
5. Baggage that exceeds the limitation of the regulation.

Limited Items:

Regulation on the amount of the followings that can be brought on board:
1.No more than 5 gas lighters. 
2.No more than 20 boxes of matches. 
3.Items like enamel and hair dye, no more than 20 ml.
4.Alcohol no more than 100 ml. 
5.Styling mouse, insecticide and air-refresher, No more than 600 ml. 
6.No more than 20 newborn poultries.

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