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China Train Facilities

• Seats and Berths
Passengers should take their own seats or berth according to the information on their tickets and the numbers are showed on the carriage wall. Soft seats are soft and comfortable, while the hard seats are upholstered and are less roomy and comfortable with less legroom. Berths are equipped with clean and soft bedding. Hard sleeper berths are narrower than the soft sleeper or luxury soft sleeper berths. Disposable slippers are free served in the soft sleeper and luxury soft sleeper cabins.

• Luggage Rack
Luggage racks are over the seats in hard seat and soft seat carriages, featured with a width of about 50cm and a height of 50 – 60 cm, whichi is large enough for a 28" luggage. The luggage rack in most hard sleeper coaches is above the aisle. In soft sleeper, luxury soft sleeper and a few hard sleeper coaches, there is a luggage closet in each compartment, which tends to be safer and more private, but provides less room for luggage. One can place your heavy or large bags under the table, seats or lower berths.

• Food onboard
There is a dining car with 30 – 40 seats available on ordinary trains, serving freshly made Chinese dishes, rice, noodles, porridge as well as soups. Beverages including coffee, beer, and wines are also available. The dining car is usually at between the hard sleeper and hard seat coaches. During the journey, the attendants will also bring a snack trolley through carriage selling snacks, drinks, magazine, and newspaper.

• Drinking Water
There is a water heater at the end of each carriage, servicing boiled water during the trip. There's no disposable cup so it is advisable for passengers to take a bottle. A thermos for hot water is also available in each hard sleeper, soft sleeper, or luxury soft sleeper compartment. Please be advised that all the tap water is undrinkable.

• Washroom
The washroom is by the side of the water heater. Please note that most washrooms are squat type and no toilet paper. At some soft sleeper coaches and the private bathrooms in luxury soft sleeper compartments have western style toilets and toilet paper. A red sign on the door indicates the toilet is occupied while green means it is vacancy. All the toilets are closed when a train is approaching a station.

• Electricity
Power is available on all air-conditioned trains (K, T, & Z). At soft sleeper and luxury soft sleeper coaches, passengers can recharge their phones with the power socket in their compartment or the two in the aisle. Hard sleeper coaches have two sockets at the end of the aisle only. There is no socket in hard seat carriages, but one is available in the conductor' s cubicle. Passengers are able to recharge their mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs, and electric razors.

Washbasin on train

• Washbasin
Washbasins with mirrors are also at the end of a carriage where there is only cold water for washing that is undrinkable. There are no toiletries provided.

• Smoking Area
There are ashtrays at the connection between carriages this being the only location where smoking is permitted. A smoking ban applies inside all carriages. According to the newly released Railway Security Regulation by the state council of PRC, from January 1st, 2014, passengers who smoke in the non-smoking area will be fined CNY500 - 2,000.

• Security
Every carriage is equipped with fire extinguishers, security hammers, and emergency brake. Railway police officers patrol during the journey.

• Dustbin
There is a tray for litter on the small table between two rows of seats or in the sleeper compartment. A dustbin forlarge items is available at the end of each carriage.

• Internet
There is no access to WIFI on ordinary trains. The telephone signal is poor whentraveling in mountainous regions.

• Entertainment
Chinese radio program is available in daytime, and there will be introduction to hot destinations.There are TV sets in most sleeper compartments and some hard seat carriages, but only Chinese TV programs are available.

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