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Food on train

• Dining Car

All China trains except short distance train have a dining car servicing Chinese meals, drinks, and snacks during the journey. A dining car is often located at the carriage No.9 on a non-high-speed train or carriage No.4 or 5 on a high-speed train. Passenger need to pay for the food since dining is not included in the train ticket . On some trains, Halal food is available. Breakfast on a train are simple, serves porridge, pickles, boiled eggs, Chinese breads etc. In terms of lunch and dinner, trains serve rice with fried vegetables, soups and noodles.

The dinning car of high-speed train offers prepared and heated packed meals, cost CNY15 to CNY45. There is a kitchen on the non-high-speed train. Passengers can order from the menu, and each dish costs roughly CNY25. For drinks, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, and bottled water are available in dinning car.

China train dinning car
Dinning car
• Trolleys
The train attendants bringing trolleys through the carriages selling packed meals at meal time since seats of a dining car are limited from 30 to 40. Food selling are the same rice, vegetables, and noodles as those in the dining car. The train attendants sell drinks, snacks, magazines, and packed fruits during whole trip.

• Platform
Buying food from the venders at platform when the train stops at a station is a good choice too. Sometimes you can get some really good local snacks better than food serving on the train.These can be dishes such as roast chicken, boiled corn cob, tea flavored boiled eggs, and rice noodles.

• Price & Quality
Food serving on train is expensive compare to an ordinary restaurant. The packed meal ranges from CNY 15 – 45 but may be even more,while the food is really dreadful, according to most passengers. On the non-high-speed trains, the packed meal sold from the trolley is the same as thefreshly-made dishes from dining car, and the price is about CNY 20 for two kinds of vegetable and one box of rice and CNY10 for one more braised chicken leg. On high-speed trains, only the dearer ones costing CNY 30 or CNY 45.

• Tips:
1. Take enough bottled water if you take a short-distance train. When taking long distanct journey, take some snacks and have a meal after arriving at your destination.
2. Try to go to dinning car as early as possible, since it will be very crowded at meal time.
3. Sandwiches, bread, milk, eggs, and fruits are good choices. Many train stations have fast food chain restaurants, such as KFC, McDonald, and Subway. Train attendants also sell packed fresh fruits.

• Local Food from Platforms:
Lanzhou Station Hand-pulled Noodles with Beef Xian Marinated Meat in Baked Bun (rou jia mo)
Tangshan fried chestnuts Tianjin Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Buns
Fuzhou steamed dumpling Guilin rice noodles
Xiangyang roast fish Shangrao braised chicken leg
Dezhou braised chicken Kumul Hami melon
Wuxi fried spare ribs Litang lotus roots soup
Zaozhuang vegetable with pancake Yongzhou Stewed Ribs with Seaweeds
Jiaxing Zongzi (pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves) Wuhan/Wuchang braised duck neck, hot noodles with sesame paste, roast chicken, fried Wuchang fish
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