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China Train Tickets Booking

China train ticket booking it's a problem for tourists who want to visit China by rail, especially for busy railway routes to hot travel destinations on public holidays. The situation will be even worse during the long holidays, e.g. Chinese Spring Festival as well as National Day Holiday (Otc. 1 - 7) .

Where to buy?

• Railway Station & Designated Ticket Offices: One can purchase the ticket at railway stations and designated ticket offices throughout a city up to 18 days in advance. A service fee of CNY 5 per ticket will be charged at ticket office.

• Booking by phone from 1 to 20 days inadvance is available in some major cities, while there are only servicing in Madarin. The tickets should be paid and collected within 24 hours at railway stations or ticket offices, otherwise the booking will be cancelled. A service fee of CNY5 per ticket will be charged if collected at a ticketing office.

• Booking Online: Trying to book online through China Railway Customer Service Center is not practical for foreign visitors who speak no Chinese and have limited time to line up for the tickets, especially during the peak seasons. Online booking or through telephone from China Railway Customer Service Center is too difficult and one have to pay online with a Chinese bank card. We strongly recommend that tourists from other countries to purchase via a reliable online booking agency like who can maky your purchase at ease and secure way. Book at Our professional booking operators are always ready to help and we will make sure you enjoy a secure booking and payment (We accepts Paypal and Western Union). We offer door to door delivery service upon your request, that your ticket will be delivered to your hotel or appointed place in China, or you can also collect your tickets at railway stations or ticket offices by yourself.

How to identify the authenticity of a train ticket?
China train ticket sample • Watermark: Clear watermark ofCR and 中国铁路 must be printed.
• Anti-fake Pattern: At the lower right, there is an anti-fake two-dimensional pattern which could record train no. and date.
• Code: Every ticket has a set of code at the upper left (e.g. 198A001524). You could find a corresponding set of code at the lower left (e.g. A0-0152-4).

Real-Name Ticket Policy

Real-Name Ticket Policy started from January 1, 2012. The policy is taken to relieve the difficulty in buying tickets and effectively stop scalpers. One should buy ticket and board the train with the presentation of their own valid ID and one valid ID is allowed to buy one ticket on the same date and on the same train, except for children with accompanying adults. The real-name policy is also implemented to check-in system.

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