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China Train Type

  • • C Train
China high-speed train
High-speed train

The C Train at present only refers to the High-speed express passenger train running between Beijing and Tianjin designed with the highest speed of 350 km. This Beijing-Tianjin bullet train features cleanness, low noise, elegant-looking and speed. Now C typle train is the fastest of this kind in operation around the world.

  • • D and G Train

D and G Train refers to "China Railway High-speed (CRH)". The D or G train is the most modern and advanced train in China at present, feartured with high-speed reaching 200-350km per hour. The trains have different class of seats, varying from Business Class, Superior Class, First class and Second class seat. All are clean and comfortable, and the interior of the train is quite different from the other trains. All the seats face the same way. There is a screen that shows how fast the train is going.

  • • Z Train
Z train
Z, T, K train

Z Train refers to "Thorough Express Train" in English. Z Train is the non-stop train on routes before getting to the destination. In general, Z train usually links with capital cities of provinces. Most of the Z Trains start in the evening and reach the destination in the next morning. For soft sleeper, the train has two-berth cabins and 4-bed cabins. The train has hard sleeper and hard seats. The train has air-conditioned system, hot water, western styled toilet. There is a restaurant car on the train to serve three meals.

  • • T Train

T Train refers to "Express Train" in English. Unlike "Thorough Express Train", the T train have stops in big cities on route before reaching the destination. So T Train is usually more crowded than Z Train. Its tickets are varying from hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. It boasts of air-condition, restaurant compartment, toilet and washing room.

  • • K Train

K Train refers to "Fast Train" in English. This kind of train is of course slower than "Z" and "T" trains with more stops on route. K Train is also equipped with air-condition system. It has a restaurant compartment, Chinese styled toilet and public washing room. The K Train ticket varies from hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper.

Trains Codes Information



Top Speed


High Speed Type
G - High Speed 186 mi/h
(300 km/h)
Fastest of all;
Run long distances between large cities;
Do not run overnight for safety reasons.
D - Electric Multiple
Units (EMU)
155 mi/h
(250 km/h)
Run for long / middle distances;
A few run overnight.
C - Intercity EMU 124 mi/h
(200 km/h)
Run for short distances between two nearby cities.
Normal Type
Z - Direct Express 99 mi/h
(160 km/h)
Run directly to destinations none stop or with a few stops at large stations.
T - Express 87 mi/h
(140 km/h)
Limited stops at large stations.
K - Fast 75 mil/h
(120 km/h)
More stops at middle and large stations.
Ordinary Fast 75 mil/h
(120 km/h)
Identified with four digits starting with 1, 2, 4 or 5;
Stop frequently along the way.
Ordinary 62 mil/h
(100 km/h)
Indentified with four digits beginning with 6, 7, 8 or 9;
Stop at almost every station along the way.
L - Temporary 62 mil/h
(100 km/h)
Operate only during the peak travel time, such as Chinese New Year and National Holiday;
Great possibility of delays.
Y - Tourism 62 mil/h
(100 km/h)
Usually run during peak travel seasons;
Destinations are popular tourism cities.
S - Suburban 62 mil/h
(100 km/h)
Used for commuting between the city center and the suburban area in some cities.
Steam Train 12.4 mil/h
(20 km/h) 
Powered by steam engine;
Available only in mountainous area of Jiayang Mining Region in Leshan, Sichuan.


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