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Before the end of 2005, China s star-level hotels totaled to 12930, hotel rooms came to 1 37 million, beds added up to 2 55 million

Beijing Time as standard time of Chna Information on China time zones and time difference to New York, London, Toronto and Melbourne

Featured with a rich history, Chinese cuisine has evolved into one of the great cuisines of the world Lsted in

Public Holidays and Business HoursNew Year Day – 3 days off Spring Festival (usually falling in late January

China is an multi-religion county and there are 5 major religions at present such as Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Ca

China is divided into provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions (SAR)directly

As a multinational country, China has a total of 56 ethnic groups and has a populations of 1 3 billion These

Being one of the five working languages of the United Nations, the spoken and written language of Han Nationalit

BeijingXianGuilinGuangzhouCloisonnéTri-colored Glazed Tang PotteriesStone CarvingsIvory Carving

China is an ancient country with more than 5,000 years of civilization Legend has it that the three nobles and

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