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Chinese Cuisines

Featured with a rich history, Chinese cuisine has evolved into one of the great cuisines of the world. Lsted in one of the three major cuisine systems, Chinese cuisine is characterized by the fine selection of ingredients, special care to the amount of fire, and balance in nourishment. There are 4 major cuisines in China.
Cantonese Cuisine
The Cantonese are known are pretty much to eat anything. Cantonese Cuisine features a great variety of ingredients such as birds, freshwater fish, dogs, cats etc. Representative dishes including crisp-skin roast piglet, stir-fried shrimps, pot-cocked soft-shelled turtle, Cantonese roast or barbecue meats.
Shandong Cuisine
The Shandong Cuisine featured with the strong and fragrant flavour and reputed for the wide and fine selection of ingredients. Representative dishes including the sea cucumber braised with green onion, braised cuttlefish eggs, crab egg with shark's fin and walnuts in butter soup.
Huaiyang Cuisine
The Huaiyang Cuisine features light flavour, fresh and tender tastes and exquisite shapes. The mainly ingredients are freshwater products and poultry. The representative dishes are the Beggar's chicken- a whole chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and cooked in the fire; the Dragon Well Tea Prawns-prawns cooked with the fresh Dragon Well tea leaves; Sweet and Sour Pork-deep fried pork drenched in a sweet and sour sauce, etc.
Sichuan Cuisine
There is a saying "The best foods in China, the best flavour in Sichuan". Sichuan cuisine is characteristically spicy and pungent. The representative dishes are the Dan Dan Noodles-noodles with a spicy sauce made with hot chillies and ground pork; Gong Bao Chicken-made with chicken, chilli and peanuts; Mapo Doufu-made with Doufu, ground pork, red chillies and Sichuan peppercorns.
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