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Hongyadong: Hongya Cave Chongqing

Hongyadong ( Hongya Cave ) is situated in Chongqing's center business locale of Jiefangbei on Cangbai Road and at the crossing point of the Yangtze and Jialing waterways. The range joins travel, business, and social landscape into one thousand perspective, with an overriding topic of Stilted Buildings which remains for the popular customary Bayu minority compositional style on raised wooden stilts.Hongyadong:Hongya Cave Chongqing

Hongya Cave at NightRelying on the mountains for backing, the structures are developed along the riverside and stretch out from Jiefangbei straightforwardly to the riverside. Guests to the range can take in the columns of raised structures, respect Hongya Dripping, walk mountain towns and old avenues, value the Bayu culture, and warm oneself over a mountain-side hotpot feast. The range neglects the crossing point of two streams, and has a clamoring nightlife and other relaxation stimulation administrations. The region encompassing Hongya Cave is regularly the topic of Jiefangbei feast corridors and other recreation destinations around Chongqing, with postcards depicting old Chongqing continually including an exceptional re-formation of the region.

Address : NO.88 Jiabing Road Yuzhong District,Chongqing
Prescribed time to visit : during the evening

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