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Guilin Travel Guide

Reputed as the "top landscape in the world", Guilin is ideally located on the west bank of Li River in the northeastern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Guilin is well-known for the karts mountains and charming Li River. Nowadays, Guilin is becoming a major tourist destination of China.

Guilin travel guide show detailed information on Guilin facts, Guilin weather, Guilin food, transportation as well as Guilin attractions.

Guilin Travel Guide

Guilin Attractions

Guilin attractions listed are overwhelmingly picturesque, with the Li River's karst vistas renowned around the world. Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. There are endless creatively named slopes to climb, holes to investigate, and streams and lakes to journey. The Longsheng rice patios are a radiant exhibit of man working in congruity with the scene.

Guilin Transportation

Guilin is a well known tourist destination as it has its own transportation framework that helpful vacationer going around. Numerous guests venture out far and wide to see the famous karsts, the precarious, pointy slopes that spot the scene. Guilin transportation guide on Guilin flight, train, long-distance bus and water with airport, railway station, docks location and tips.

Guilin Map

Guilin maps: Guilin tourist map and Yangshuo travel map.

Guilin Nightlife

Nightlife in Guilin is as alluring as its characteristic excellence. From advanced dance club, sentimental night journey to people traditions fixate on the Li River, people can appreciate or unwind themselves altogether. Here are Guilin nightlife information on what to do and live show such as Impression of Sanjie Liu.

Guilin Facts

Guilin facts on population, useful telephone number and Guilin travel tips.

Guilin Shopping

There is a wide choice of shopping to be enjoyed around Guilin, with many of the city's back streets being home to some rather surprising shops and local handicrafts. Here are some recommended shopping places in Guilin.

Guilin Food

Guilin food is a mix of Cantonese and Hunanese styles. It is portrayed by its sweetness and the sensitive utilization of flavors, especially stew. Numerous sustenances are have an acrid or fiery taste. Mix browning and steaming are the most well-known cooking techniques for Guilin Cuisine. Wild plants and creatures, which are infrequently eaten in the West, are in some cases found in Guilin Cuisine. As of late, in any case, Sichuan and Cantonese dishes have turned into the most famous. The advancement of tourism, as well, has had an impact on dietary patterns, as neighborhood nibble nourishments are delighted in by sightseers from far and wide.

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