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Guilin Attractions

Guilin attractions listed are overwhelmingly picturesque, with the Li River's karst vistas renowned around the world. Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. There are endless creatively named slopes to climb, holes to investigate, and streams and lakes to journey. The Longsheng rice patios are a radiant exhibit of man working in congruity with the scene.

Guilin Attractions

Li River cruise between Guilin and Yangshuo are an extremely popular way to see the natural scenery along the Lijiang River, which is one of the best in China

Lying at the foot of Guangming Hill in the northwesternGuilin,Reed Flute Cavegot its name from the kind of reed

Lying at the place where Taohua (peach blossom) Ricer meets Li River,with Li River on its eastern side Zi sandb

TheLongji terrace, also known asLongsheng Rice Terracesare located in Longsheng County, some 100 km (2 hr drive)

Seven star park (桂林七星公园) is located at the east bank of Li River, and it is 1 5 km (0 9 mile) to Guilin

About 2 kilometers from Elephant Trunk Hill and above the western bank of Li River, there is the Fubo Hill, another of Guilin s wonderfully scenic spots

Guilin& 39;s showcase two rivers and four lakes, are maybe best seen from on the water itself The Two Rivers a

Yangshuo Travel GuideUnraveling YangshuoYangshuo, which is embraced by a dozen of limestone karst mountains and loc

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