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Fubo Hill-Wave-Subduing Hill

Located on the western bank of Li River in the northern piece of the city of Guilin, only 2km from Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin Fubo Hill Park is really an integrative enclosure stop in the focal point of the city with the great looking Fubo Hill, interesting mountain caves and rich arrangement rock development.

Fubo Hill
Fubo Hill

Characteristic landscape of rocks and stalactites and additionally manufactured shelter and structures make the fabulous and one of a kind sight of the slope. At the foot of the slope lie the Pearl-Returning Cave, the Thousand-Buddha Cave and the Sword-Testing Rock, all of which have awesome request. A thoughtful shelter and tearoom were based on the southern incline. Midway to the slope is the Tingtao (Pavilion of Listen-to-Waves). Stone stairs end up towards the ridge on the western slant of the slope. The Viewing Platform on the stairway is a perfect spot for taking in the scene of Guilin.

• Listening-to-Waves Pavilion

Based on the southeast bluff of Fubo Hill in 1964, Listening-to-Waves Pavilion is a 2-storied building of 106 square meters (1,140 sq. ft.), utilized by guests for looking at the fine perspectives along the Li River.

• Returning Pearl Cave

Returning Pearl Cave
Returning Pearl Cave

Inside 'Returning Pearl' Cave, otherwise called Fubo Cave, in the mountain side, there are 'Attempting Sword Rock' and numerous carvings on the cave dividers. Among the best carvings is a picture toward oneself of Mi Fu, a celebrated painter, and a ballad by Fan Dacheng, a popular writer, both from the Song Dynasty (960–1279).

A legend goes that an old monster played in the cave. Its pearl was stolen after it nodded off. Luckily, the pearl was returned finally, thus Returning Pearl Cave.

• Thousand Buddha Crag

Settling in the midsection of Fubo Hill and associated with Returning Pearl Cave, Thousand Buddha Crag is made out of three layers. The upper layer measures 7.4 m long, 6 m wide and 12 m tall (25x20x40 feet), where 239 statues of Buddha are revered. The statues of Buddha are gems from the Tang Dynasty, carefully cut with smooth look


Admission Fee: CNY 30
Opening Hours: 07:10 to 18:00 (April to November)
06:00 to 18:30 (December to March)
Recommended Time for a Visit: 45 minutes
Bus Route: 2, 58, 203, or Sight-seeing bus line 1

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