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Reed Flute Cave

Lying at the foot of Guangming Hill in the northwestern Guilin, Reed Flute Cave got its name from the kind of reed growing immediately outside the cave entrance which makes fine flutes.

Reed Flute Cave has been a tourist attraction for more than 1000 years, inside; there are various stalactites, stalagmites , stone curtains , stone flowers and stone pillars, which constitute a unique charm, thus it is known as a place of natural art.Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave is among the must see Guilin attractions to all who tour Guilin today.

Tourists enter the cave and afterward take a U-molded touring course to see distinctive spots, whereupon they leave it from an alternate cave close to the doorway one. One trek endures around one hour. It is a Chinese propensity to give every development a fanciful or beautiful name, for example, Crystal Palace, Dragon Pagoda, Virgin Forest, Flower and Fruit Mountain and other intriguing names. For some of these names, you have to utilize your creative ability, however the story behind each is truly fun. It's a joy to listen to sentimental or children's stories whilst admiring the phenomenal stone arrangements. Both the stories and the lighting add secret to the scene. Albeit there are various types of lighting inside, you shouldn't take photographs unless you are an expert picture taker, on the grounds that the light inside is not sufficient for introduction. At a few spots, for example, the Crystal Palace or Flower and Fruit Mountain, exceptional photography is offered at 20 yuan for one picture. (They utilize extraordinary gear to give enough light.) Some 70 engravings on the cave divider are said to be travelogs and lyrics got from the Tang Dynasty, which made the cave a famous visitor site around then.

• Location: In the northwest suburbs of Guilin city (only about 4 km from its downtown), the entrance is situated on Reed Flute Road on the south side of Guangming ('Light Bright') Hill.
• Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
• Bus routes: 3, 13, and 58
• Admission Fee: CNY 90

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