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Guilin Transportation

Guilin is a well known tourist destination as it has its own transportation framework that helpful vacationer going around. Numerous guests venture out far and wide to see the famous karsts, the precarious, pointy slopes that spot the scene. Guilin transportation guide on Guilin flight, train, long-distance bus and water with airport, railway station, docks location and tips.

Guilin Transportation

Guilin brags convenient transportation Guilin city buses serves Train Station, Long Distance Bus Station and focal city downtown

Guilin has around 2,000 enlisted taxis with more than 10 taxi organizations The present taxi amount in Guilin can genuinely take care of the business sector demand

Guilin bus guide on long distance buses and city buses with timetable and fares

Guilin has two train stations: Guilin Railway Station (桂林火车站) and Guilin North Railway Station (桂林北站) The

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is located in Liangjiang, about 28 km (17 mi) southwest of Guilin downtown

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