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Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang Province and was used to be the capital of the State of Wu and the South Song Dynasty. It is one of the seven ancient capitals in China. Built during the Sui Dynasty, the Grand Canal was a massive network of canals and waterways linking Hangzhou to the North and thus made Hangzhou to an important centre of transportation and trade. With beautiful natural landscape and many places of cultural interest, Hangzhou is one of the top tourist cities and a famous ancient cultural city of China.

Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou Attractions

Hangzhou, a city celebrated for its beautiful magnificence, pulls in more than 20 million vacationers from home and abroad consistently. Its extraordinary environment supplied by nature and the individuals who have lived here, is a collection of a few thousand years that has structured numerous widely acclaimed common, verifiable and social highlights.


Hangzhou Transportation

Hangzhou Transportation Guide presents Hangzhou trains, Hangzhou flights, Hangzhou public buses, Hangzhou taxis and methods for getting in and around in Hangzhou China.

Hangzhou Shopping

Most people have been satisfied to Hangzhou to buy some lotus root starch, silk umbrella, Dragon Well tea,etc. Hangzhou attracts more and more people go shopping. Wulin Road, Hangzhou Hefangjie, Evergreen Garment wholesale market, Hangzhou Silk City , etc. make Hangzhou as a shopping paradise. Say you want to go to Hong Kong for "shopping" , to Hangzhou is the "cargo sweeping", because Hangzhou numerous department stores and discount stores are better than other places , prices would naturally much lower.

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