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Harbin Travel Guide

Harbin is an important ice and snow destination in China and also the capital city of Heilongjiang Province. Covered with ice and snow for four months in the year, sculptures and buildings rise up out of the ice, Harbin comes alive in the winter. Harbin is also a beautiful city with the buildings built in different architecture styles. Much of Russian-style architecture remains standing today. The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival and the Harbin Summer Concert welcome visitors from home and abroad every year.

Harbin Travel Guide

Harbin Facts

Harbin Facts: Basic facts about Harbin such as location, area, travel tips, population, climate, pinyin, language, history and more.

Harbin Attractions

Harbin' attractions are more identified with snow and ice, in light of the fact that the city is secured in ice and snow amid the winter. In the event that you are a snow lover, Harbin could be an awesome vacationer destination for you: Yabuli Skiing Center and Jihua Ski Resort present to you the delight of skiing and Ice and Snow World, Sun Island Scenic Spot, and the yearly Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival let you appreciate ice figures. St. Sophia Church, likewise called Harbin Construction Arts Gallery, is the biggest Orthodox Church in the Far East. Another pearl of this city is the Dragon Tower, which is the Heilongjiang telecast and TV tower, positioned as the first most noteworthy in Asia and second most noteworthy on the planet.


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