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Sun Island Park

Arranged in the downtown of Harbin and on the northern bank of Songhua River, the Sun Island is the main floodplain wetland nature in the downtown area's in China. In the 1980s, the melody On the Sun Island by Zheng Xulan spread the name of the island far and wide.

The Sun Island park is the ideal spot to free from hot sun in summer. Here, you can grasp the white sand, blue water, green field, blossoming blossoms, and cool climate. In winter, the island secured with white snow presents an alternate delight. It turns into a heaven for ice-snow travel. Sun Island is utilized as the play area for different winter sports. Skiing, Hockey, skating, and sledding recreations are all sorted out here. Right now, the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo will be held for around two months in the island, displays enchanting ice or snow models and architectures. Perfectly crafts of ice and snow mold all marvelous. Additionally, the island park has the never-down exhibition, the Harbin Ice And Snow Art Gallery. When you stroll in, the space is strange and diverse, dreamful and illusionary as though the winter is just before you.

Sun Island Park

More than ten trademark spots are fabricated in the picturesque spot, for example, mount Sun, the Sun Lake, the Water Lily Lake, the Sisters Bridge, the Bridge with a Pavilion, the White Jade Bridge.

Shuige Yuntian: It receives the current greenhouse making procedure, and is fabricated by the water. It is comprised of long passage, side yard, and square structure.

Squirrel Island: It covers a range of 2.4 hectares. On it, various food focuses are situated for squirrels. Altogether, more than 1,600 squirrels are tamed on the island.

Yuri Platform: It is on the east side to the Sun Island's dike. Here, sightseers can be given the regular scenes of open, immeasurable, excellent and breathtaking field.

Tatou Marsh: It offers ecological change, dust adsorption, waste water cleansing, water rebuilding, stickiness conformity and other enchantment capacities.

Russian Town: It has 27 manors or houses constructed in Russian engineering craftsmanship, bring the basic yet rich Russian style and mirroring the open history of Harbin and the mentality to regard and ensure the remote society.

Deer Garden: It raises more than 30 tamed spotted deer, empowering individuals to acknowledge and methodology deer, as well as to experience the agreement of concurrence in the middle of humanity and creatures from one perspective, and in the middle of creatures and nature on the other.

Sun Island Ice and Sow Art Gallery: It covers an aggregate floor region of 5,000 square meters, and presents the display for more than 100 ice scenes. With 10,000 cubic meters of ice and snow, it is the biggest indoor ice-lamp and snow figure exhibition on the planet.


Admission Fee:

During the Harbin International Snow Sculpture Expo is held
Entrance ticket: 
CNY 240 for adults
CNY120 for children between 1.2-1.4 meters
Free of charge for children under 1.2 meters
Combo ticket:
Type A: CNY260 including the entrance ticket and the sightseeing bus
Type B: CNY528 including the entrance ticket and Russian performances
At other time: CNY 30 (just admission fee)

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00
08:30-19:00 (during the snow sculpture expo)
Bus Route:

Take bus 29, 80, 85, 88 to Sun Island Station.
There is cable at Tongjiang Street, which can take you to the Sun Island.
Take a boat from Flood Prevention Cenotaph Square, Jiuzhan Square or Daowai Qidao Dock. It's unavailable during Ice and Snow Festival because of the icy water.


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