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Lhasa Travel Guide

Lhasa has a fantastic array of exotic items and there are a number of truly unique items to purchase. Pulu is hand-woven cloth made from wool and most clothing in Tibet is made from this matierial. Tibetan joss sticks are from local plants and are seen everywhere. Tibetan knives are both decorative, and practical, most Tibetan carry one. The knives are inlaid with gold and silver with bone or wood handles. Another item that should be on the shopping list is the splendid Tibetan tankas which are Buddhist paintings. They are a part of Tibetan history and can be seen hanging from walls, often beautifully intricate and bold in color.Tibet Map

Lhasa Travel Guide

Lhasa Attractions

Lhasa attractions guide of Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple etc.

Lhasa Transportation

Lhasa transportation guide on air, train, bus, taxi and bicycle transport in Lhasa,include information on airport and bus station, Qinghai-Tibet Railway etc.

Lhasa Food

Lhasa food is fresh, light, and tender. The signature food includes roasted highland barley flour, wheat flour, meat, or red food, and milk, or white food...

Lhasa Travel Tips

Lhasa travel tips such as best time to visit, Tibet travel permit, holiday in Lhasa and more.

Lhasa Shopping

Lhasa has a great rang of exotic items and there are a number of truly unique items to purchase.

Tibet Weather

Tibet weather & climate is not as harsh as people imagine and it is comfortable from every April to the beginning of November, and August to September will be the best time to visit Tibet. One can tour Tibet year round if one only visit Lhasa.

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