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Sera Monastery

Sera Monastery is placed on the northern edges of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. As inherent 1419, it enveloped a zone of 28 sections of land (11 ha). Its geological area is at the base of Pubuchok mountain, otherwise called Tatipu Hill, spotted in the northern suburb of Lhasa City, which structures the watershed of the bowls framed by Kyi Chi and Penpo Chu streams.Sera Monastery

The monastery intricate, including 28 sections of land of area, housed a few foundations in its regions. The structures of remarkableness were the Coqen Hall Tsokchen (Great Assembly Hall), the three Zhacangs (universities) and Kamcun (quarters) additionally called Homdong Kangtsang. In the principle corridor, scriptures, statues, fragrance fabric and wall paintings were seen in bounty.

• Coqen Hall

The Coqen Hall, which was implicit 1710, is a four-story assembling in the upper east region of the monastery. This principle gathering corridor where different ceremonies are held is bolstered by 125 mainstays of shifting statures and covers around 2,000 square meters (0.5 section of land). It comprises of five sanctuaries which offer honor to the Maitreya, Sakyamuni, Arhats, Tsong Khapa, and Kwan-yin with one thousand hands and eleven appearances. The sensitive Gangyur of Tripitaka in Tibetan is the proudest ownership of the monastery which now holds 105 out of the first 108 volumes. These precious volumes, the most punctual sutras printed by etching in China, were introduced as a blessing to Jamchen Chojey by Chengzhu, a Ming Dynasty Emperor.

• Zhacang

Zhacang, which implies Buddhist College in Tibetan, goes about as the coliseum for the ministers to study the Buddhist Classics. There are three Zhacangs in the monastery: Me Zhacang, Je Zhacang and Ngaba Zhacang. The most seasoned of these, the Me Zhacang, was implicit 1419 amid the Ming Dynasty and peculiarities a decently protected fresco. In the Je Zhacang the Hayagriva showed is amazingly celebrated all through Tibet. The Ngaba Zhacang is the littlest and most current enclosure where one of its organizers, Jamchen Chojey, is adored.

• Kamcun

Kamcuns are the dorms where the ministers generally feast and slumber. The Sera Monastery has around thirty-three Kamcuns which have a focal patio. They are included corridors to peruse the principle, houses and tea houses. The Kamcuns run in size, as do the quantity of friars housed in every one. Lamas from the same or neighboring regions of Tibet are put together in a Kamcun.


Admission Fee: CNY 55
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 16:00
Time for a Visit:
Two hours
Bus Route: It costs 15 to take a taxi to go, however, you can bargain with the taxi driver.


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