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Best Time to visit Tibet


  • When is the best time to visit Tibet?

We recommend to visit Tibet from May to October while Lhasa, Shigatse and Tsetang are good for sightseeing all-year round. If you'd like to visit the Everest Base Camp area. please avoid the visit from Octorber to April due to the harsh climate. We do not suggest to visit Tibet in winter since roads might be blocked by heavy snow in east Tibet and Ngari.

  • What is the best way to visit Tibet? Join a small group or do-it-yourself?

Please be advised that independent travel is prohibited in Tibet. One have to join an organized small group tour or have a private tour arranged by a tour agency.

  • Can we fly into Lhasa from Kathmandu?

Yes, of course. Please keep in mind that the flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu is not available daily.
A TIBET GROUP VISA from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu is required If you plan to enter Tibet from Nepal. The Tibet Group Visa is an A4 size sheet of paper, including passengers' name, sex, nationality, passport number, date of birth as well as occupation. The dates of entry and exit are precisely recorded. There are two original copies of the Tibet Group Visa, one for immigration at the entry and one for the exit.

  • What should I pack when visiting Tibet?

We recommend to bring some fresh fruit for your consumption as upon arrival, you might lose your appetite and this might be the only food you would like to eat.

  • How do I get to Lhasa from LAX?

At present there is no flight operating between LAX and Lhasa rather than Kathmandu. One need to go to a certain city in mainland China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Guangzhou or go to Kathmandu to take a flight to Lhasa.

  • Is it safe to travel in winter time, especially from Tibet to Kathmandu by road?

Please be advised that the China-Nepal Express is often blocked by heavy snow in Winter, and it is not safe to go along this route at that time.

  • Do you suggest to bring a sleeping bag since the sheets/blankets of the hotels may not be clean?

The 3- or 4-star standard hotels in Lhasa, Tsetang, Shigatse and Gyangtse are clean. If you are going to the Everest, it is best to bring a sleeping bag to ensure that you have a nice sleep en route.

  • Any medicines should I bring?

We do suggest to take some pain-release pills with you and enough medicine for colds, diarrhea, nausea and fever. Some nasal ointment and throat-moistening pills will greatly be of help for those who are sensitive to chilly or freezing weather conditions. Please consult your doctor prior to your trip to Tibet.

  • How to avoid mountain sickness?

Ask your doctor for advise or seek advice from people who have similar experiences.
If you have respiratory problems, we advise you to postpone your visit till you are fully recovered.
A thorough physical examination in advance is necessary. If you have problems like anemia or hypertension, or suffer from heart problems and other illness of lungs, liver or kidney, you should not go there.

  • Is it safe to travel with kids (around 2-3 years old)?

Age has nothing to do with the occurrence of mountain sickness. Anxiety is the common cause of mountain sickness. Always remember that if you have any problems or feel uncomfortable, you need to tell the guide about this immediately.

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