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Tibet Visa and Tibet Travel Permit


Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) is necessary for non-Chinese citizens, including foreign visitors, Taiwan visitors and overseas Chinese to get into the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Your China visa can be obtained from the local Chinese consulate in your country. Tibet travel permit application should be submitted at least 15 days before the trip starting date according to the Tibet tourism bureua policy. However, diplomats, journalists, professional media photographer and government officials are not allowed to go to the region as a visitor.

Tibet travel permit

Tibet Visa & Permit FAQs

  • Who has to carry a Tibet Travel Permit?

Non-Chinese passport holders.
Overseas Chinese, who do not have Chinese passport.

  • What documents do I need to apply for TTP?

Scanned copy per passport, main page only.
China visa.
Notes: If a China Visa is not an "L" visa (tourist visa), one must also provides an additional documents e.g. Student Certificates, Work Permits, Residence Permits etc.

  • Can we fly freely to Lhasa without a Tibet Permit?

No. Without the Travel Permit, your flight ticket cannot be issued.

  • Can I get Tibet Permit only with your company? If yes, how much is the permit?

We offer FREE Tibet permit for those who book tour package from We do not provide the permit only due to regulation.

  • How long does the Tibet Permit application process take?

Tibet permits can be issued in 3 business days. If your tour itinerary includes some restricted or unopened area like EBC, Mt. Kailash, Sichuan-Tibet highway and Yunnan-Tibet highway, you may need several different permits which could take around 7 to 10 working days.

  • How and when do I receive the Tibet Permit?

In general, we are able to make application of Tibet Travel Permit 10-15 days in advance. If you take flight to Tibet, we'll send the original permit to your hotel or residence by EMS which may takes 24hrs to 3 days within China. 
When taking the train to Tibet, we will send you a scan copy of the permit by email and you can print it and show when boarding the train.

  • Can we enter Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal?

One can enter Tibet by either a direct flight from Kathmandu to Tibet or by an overland drive to Tibet.

  • What documents are required if enter Tibet from Nepal?

A TIBET GROUP VISA from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu is required If you plan to enter Tibet from Nepal. The Tibet Group Visa is an A4 size sheet of paper, including passengers' name, sex, nationality, passport number, date of birth as well as occupation. The dates of entry and exit are precisely recorded. There are two original copies of the Tibet Group Visa, one for immigration at the entry and one for the exit.

  • How much does the Tibet Group Visa cost?


Category Working Days to Obtain it American Passport Holders Other Nationalities
Normal 5 Business days US$140.00 US$50.00
Urgent 3 Business days US$155.00 US$65.00
Top Urgent 1 Business days US$175.00 US$85.00
Note: Tibet Group Visa application is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.


  • I'm a resident of Hong Kong and I have a Chinese Passport. Do I need Tibet Permit?

No. Chinese Passport Holders do not need the permit to visit Tibet. People who hold Hong Kong SAR passports and Macau SAR passports do not need the permit.

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