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Qiao Family Compound

Qiao Family Compound is found in Qi County, pretty nearly 30 kilometers upper east of Pingyao. It is celebrated for being the boss area in the Zhang Yimou film Raise the Red Lantern. Development started in 1756 amid the rule of the Qianlong head of the Qing administration and was finished eventually in the eighteenth century. The patio home covers 9000 square meters and has 313 rooms with 4000 square meters inside 6 extensive patios and 19 littler yards.Qiao Family Compound

Seen from over, the completely encased Qiao Family's Compound looks all that much like the twofold Chinese character of "xi" (囍), which implies bliss and fortunes in Chinese society. It possesses an aggregate range of 10,642 square meters (2.6 sections of land) with a development territory of 4,175 square meters (1 section of land). It embodies 6 noteworthy yards, 20 littler patios and 313 rooms. With its three sides confronting the road, the compound is secluded from the encompassing society habitations, having ten-meter high and 1-meter thick parapet walls (a sort of wall as high as the house, used to keep the yard sheltered and private). The dazzling configuration and careful craftsmanship make these walls unrivaled. An alternate essential normal for the compound is the way that each house is associated by hallways, which makes it less demanding for watchmen to secure the yard.

From the principle door which confronts east, a since a long time ago cleared way prompts the fundamental corridor, at the western end of which is the familial lobby of the crew. This way differentiates the compound into two sections: the South Yard and the North Yard. Every yard comprises of a standard space for the host and side spaces for visitors or workers. There are a few distinctions in style between the two sorts of structures; for instance, the guideline room has a tiled rooftop while the side rooms have block rooftops. This keeps the compound from looking dreary, furthermore displays the pecking order inside the family.

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Admission Fee: CNY40
Transport: Take train from Taiyuan to Qixian County, Or take long-distance bus that runs to Pingyao or Lingchuan and get off at Qiaojiabao Village, Dongguan Town of Qixian County.
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