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Huangpu River Cruises

Huangpu River cruises on Huangpu River are runned by many companies in Shanghai and it is one of the best way to visit Shanghai.\

Huangpu River is a 82.5 kilometres-long river in Shanghai China, known as is the last significant tributary of the Yangtze before it empties into the East China Sea. The Bund and Lujiazui are located along the Huangpu River.

Huangpu River cruises depart from the Bund, sail to Huangpu Bridge in the south, turn and head north towards Wusongkou, and return to the Bund.

Huangpu River Cruise-Quanqiu Tong

Huangpu River cruises-Quanqiutong

Capacity: 400 persons
Size: 49 meters in length; 13 meters wide; three layers
Facilities: Bar Counter, Sunny Deck, Banquet Hall, Conference Room, Central Air Conditioning, Television
Features: Known as "the Crystal Palace on the River" due to its transparency, the vessel contains the most glass in comparison with other luxury a Huangpu river cruise on Huangpu River.
Huangpu River Cruise tour: From 100 Yuan/ Person

Huangpu River Cruise-Capital II

Huangpu River cruises-Captain II

Capacity: 250 persons
Size: 43 meters in length; 10 meters wide; three layers
Facilities: KTV Compartment, VIP Cabin, Elevating Stage, Sunny Deck, Banquet Hall, Projector
Features: Known as "'the Bar on the water", the vessel is unique in that its appearance copies that of the steam yacht in the 19th century. The interior is arranged to resemble a modern-style bar.
Huangpu River Cruise: From 100 Yuan/ Person

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