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Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum located at No. 201 Renmin Avenue, one of the must-see Shanghai tourist attractions Shanghai, is well-known as a museum of ancient Chinese art.

Shanghai museum

Shanghai Museum was founded in 1952 and possesses a collection of 120,000 precious works of art. Museum Shanghai offers rich and high-quality collection of ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, painting and calligraphy is specially celebrated in the world.

Construction of the current Shanghai Museumstarted in August 1993. It was inaugurated on October 12, 1996. The 29.5 meters high museum Shanghai has a construction space of 39,200 square meters. Its unique architectural form of a round top with a square base, symbolizing the ancient Chinese philosophy that the square earth is under the round sky, is a distinguished architectural combination of traditional feature and modern spirit.

The present Shanghai Museum has eleven galleries and three special temporary exhibition halls.

Shanghai Museum by public transport
By bus No.574,No.71, No.123,No.46, No.123,TUNNEL BUS NO.6 No.934,

Shanghai Museum Openning Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 all year round

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