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Shenzhen Travel Guide

As the first city to "open" with the economic reforms in 1979, Shenzhen is situated next to Hong Kong and adjacent to the Daya Gulf in the east and the Pearl River in the west. With 3 million people and covers an area of 2,020 square kilometers, Shenzhen is one of China's major ports for foreign trade and international exchanges. Shenzhen also boasts many tourist attractions such as the Splendid of China, the China Folk Culture Villages and the Window of the World. The China Hi-Tech Expo is held here every year.

Shenzhen Travel Guide

Shenzhen Facts

Shenzhen quick facts lists as many as travel tips about this city, including its population, area and zip codes, emergency numbers, hospitals and night clubs.

Shenzhen Attractions

Shenzhen, a youthful and cutting edge city, is remarkable for its created economy yet not its attractions. Notwithstanding, Shenzhen offers six intriguing spots deserving of a visit. Three incredible amusement parks, including China Folk Culture Village, Window of the World and Happy Valley are Shenzhen's primary attractions. The China Folk Culture Village, comprising of the Folk Culture Village and Splendid China, issue you a fast voyage through China in a day. It is the most well known fascination in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Travel Guide

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