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Xian dinning guide on local Xian food such as Dumpling Banquet, Shaanxi Sandwich as well as Canton Cuisine restaurants in Xian.


Western food Xian: Recommended Xian Western restaurants

Indian Food Xian: Recommended Xian Indian restaurants

Sichuan cuisine is characteristically spicy and pungent The representative dishes are the Dan Dan Noodles-noodles with a spicy sauce made with hot chillies and ground pork; Gong Bao Chicken-made with chicken, chilli and peanuts

Vegetarian Food Xian and recommended Xian vegetarian restaurant

Cantonese Food XianRecommended Xian Cantonese restaurantsThe Cantonese are known are pretty much to eat anything C

Xian restaurantRecommended Xian local restaurants• Xian Fanzhuang (Xian Restaurant)Chinese name: 西安饭庄This time

Xian foodis simple and hearty As a world-renowned ancient city, Xian has a long history for food Xian is famo

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