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Great Wall Facts

Great Wall, symbolizing China's ancient civilization, known as one of the 7 great wonders in the world, is the only man-made project on earth that is visible to the naked-eyes of astronauts.

Great Wall extends more than 6300 kilometers from end to end, and with its mea-derings and loops the full extent of the project measures nearly 6000 kilometers. According to rough calculation, the amount of bricks and rock used to build the wall would have been enough to build a wall 5 meters high and 1 meter thick around the world.

Great Wall was first built in Warring States Period(476-221B.C.) by various conflicting states along their borders for protecting against each other. In 221 B.C., The first emperor in Chinese history, Qingshihuang united the 7 states as one and issued an order to reinforce and linked together the walls originally built by the other states.

Historical records show that about 1 million people,1/5th of China's population at the time, were involved in the Great Wall project which took more than 10 years. It was called "Wan Li Chang Cheng" at the time when it finished ,which means "10 Thousand-Li-Long-Wall". From then on the Great Wall played a significant role in protecting the economic and cultural developments in the central plain area of China.

Great Wall is listed by the Chinese Government as one of the historical monuments to be preserved.

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