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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Shanhaiguan Great Wall is located 25km northeast of Qinhuangdao, this part of Great Wall is the east timinal of Great Wall, a vital fort and was a military must in all times. First built in 1381, with the mountain behind and the sea in front. The fort leans on the mountain and take advantage of the topography, and reputed as very intergrated to be an "Iron pass and golden lock of Great Wall".

Shanhaiguan Great wall

• Admission Fee: CNY 40 (May to Oct.); CNY 35 (Nov. to the next Apr.)

• Opening Hours: 08:10 - 16:00

• Transportation: Take bus No.25. 33, or 33 (支) at Sidaoqiao Bus Station in Qinhuangdao City, and get off at the South Gate of the pass

• Walking Conditions

The Great Wall at Shanhaiguan is well preserved, and therefore walking conditions pose no significant risks.

• What to Wear


Dress for climbing and dress for the climate. Pick agreeable footwear with great hold and backing for the feet. Layers of garments that can be tackled and off take into consideration more prominent solace and temperature control. Wear/accumulate sun insurance the late spring and dress for below zero temperatures in the winter.

• What to Bring


Bring breathable waterproofs for protection from rain and wind. Umbrellas may be used here as the ascents and descents are not difficult, but may be inconvenient in strong winds. Bring a camera and money for souvenirs and refreshments. Bring snacks and water if you want to walk a long portion of the wall.

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