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Shixiaguan Great Wall

The Shixiaguan Great Wall, a well-preserved section of the Great Wall in suburban Beijing near the well-known Badaling section opened to visitors in June, 2000. 
The Shixiaguan section of the Great Wall is five kilometers from famous Badaling, which has received some 100 million visitors over the past two decades. 
Hiking at Shixiaguan Great Wall is absolutely amazing, no tourists around, absolutely breathtaking scenery. The hike was not too difficult, although many debries, just gotta watch not to twist your ankles by running across the wall. There are some paths on the side of the wall for areas that are too dangerous. As you could slip on the rocks when it's too steep. The Shixiaguan Great Wall tells a whole story and one can see and feel the history. Also, a good place to start is at the partly restored Badaling section, from where one can walk up there for about a mile then reach Shixiaguan.

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