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Terracotta Tour

After hotel breakfast, take a drive to the Terra cotta Warriors Museum (UNESCO).Found in 1974, it covers the three going hand in hand with pits of the first head of Qin's mausoleum. Everybody who visits here will be overpowered by its fabulous scale, exciting scenes, elevated expectation of science and workmanship in the antiquated times.
Visit the No.1 Pit first, the largest and first unearthed pit, which has over 6,000 full-scale terra cotta warriors and horses. There are some 1,000 of terra cotta soldiers have been unearthed and ranked at a well-organized battle array. Then move on to the Terra Cotta Pit No.2. It is more spectacular where the general, the kneeling archer and the warrior with saddle horse were excavated. The last stop is the Pit No.3, which is smaller than the previous two, but it is said to be the headquarters of the emperor's army. The terra cotta museum tour last about 3 hours.
Optional tour: Tang Dynasty Dancing Show along with a Dumpling Banquet in the evening.US$40p.p.

Meal: Hotel Breakfast + Chinese Lunch