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Guiyang Kaili

Pick up from hotel after breakfast and take a drive to Kaili, some 200km to Guiyang. As the capital of Miao and Dong Minority Autonomous Prefecture, Kaili is the central market town in the South-eastern Guizhou. One will be fascinated by the traditional life style of the ethnic groups in these isolated spots. The inhabitants of the villages still wear traditional clothes and kept their customs. Pay a visit to Shiqiao Miao Village to witness how paper is made in the traditional way. Paper making in Shiqiao Miao Village has a rich history which is over 1000 years.
The next stop is Kaili Museum, one of the "100 Distinctive Museums of China". The museum is home to some 100 families, one can get a glimpse of the culture and history of ethnic Miao from their buildings, food and drink, costumes, festivals, production, recreation, etiquette, morals and beliefs etc. Then head to Gejia village ,which is to be accepted by the nation as a minority ,best known for its red dressing.

Meals:Hotel Western Breakast + Chinese Lunch at local restaurant
Hotel: 4 Star Jinguan Hotel Kaili or similar