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Old Shanghai

Old Shanghai bus tour will give visitors an intimate touch of the pieces of Shanghai old glory.

Our Shanghai day tour today focuses on rich history and culture of Shanghai. Shanghai is indeed something unique in China for exploration. With the glorious names in the past as "Paris of the East", "Capital of the tycoon", "Paradise of adventurers", Shanghai has been a mysterious, splendid city in the far east.

Our Old Shanghai bus tour will bring you fabrics of Shanghai history, a really different touch of the city with REFRESHING the glory of old Shanghai Golden Era of 1930s by visiting the historical landmark buildings, FEELING the traditional culture of Shanghai by visiting old residential area, ENJOYING Shanghai flavored lunch at typically Shanghainese style restaurant, TOUCHING the exotic and unique culture by visiting the formal Shanghai Celebrity House

Old Buildings:
French Club -1921
Shanghai Lyceum Theatre - 1930
Moller House - 1936
Old Sassoon's Mansion-1925
Waibaidu Bridge - 1930
Richards Hotel -1846
The Signal Beacon - 1922
Broadway Mansion - 1935
Shanghai Hongkong Bank -1923
Old Shanghai Race Club - 1932
Park Hotel - 1930
Nanking Grand Theatre- 1935

Pick up from inner ring Shanghai hotel or transfer to our pick-up hotel on your own.

Our Old Shanghai bus tour started with a walking tour on the impressive Bund. Then visit the old residential Long Tang. Tour the Old French Concession, the Old streets and Xintiandi before lunch.

After Shanghai flavored lunch, pay a visit to the House of 1st President of Democratic China. Followed with tour of Little White House,the Nanking Grand Theatre, People's Square and Shanghai Art Gallery.

Shanghai day tour ended and return to your hotel.

Meal: Shanghai flavored lunch