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Pay a visit to the Yumenguan Pass (Jade Pass) in the morning, a part of the Great Wall of China. There's a saying that the jade from the western regions was brought into the central China through this pass, hence the name Yumenguan Pass. The Pass also functioned as the military strategic pass and significant passage of the ancient Silk Road in ancient times.
After lunch, continue the tour to the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty. Different from other sections of the Wall built of bricks and stones, this section was built of rammed earth, sanded reeds and the juniper tamarisks. As time passes by, the wall has been heavily destroyed both by the nature and human beings, but still you could get some insights of the original appearance of the wall here.
Followed with a tour to Yadan National Geology Park, a physiognomy landscape formed by aeolian erosion. Entering the park, you could find various nature-made sculptures in different postures and manners. Our last stop today is Yangguan Pass, which was also a door open to the western regions as well as the important pass of the Silk Road.

Meals: Hotel Western Breakfast + Chinese Lunch at local restaurant