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Hohhot Beijing by Train K90

After breakfast, return to Hohhot and visit the Tomb of Zhaojun first.Covered with trees and grass, the tomb also called "Green Tomb". Wang Zhaojun, a maid of the Western Han Dynasty, volunteered to marry the chief of the Hun tribe in Northern China. After her marriage, the Han Dynasty and Hun ethnic groups were on friendly terms for 60 years.
Followed with a tour to the Five-pagoda Temple. The Temple is located north to the Dazhao Temple and built in 1732. The remaining pagoda, also known as 1,000-Budda Pagoda, towers 16m in height and there are five small, exquisite pagodas on top.
The last stop will be the Dazhao Temple.Erected in 1579, the Dazhao Temple is the oldest and most influential temple among the 15 temples in Hohhot. "Zhao" means temple in Mongolian, this 30,000 square metres complex is a mix of Tibetan and Han architectural traditions.
Transfer to railway station to board train K90 (23:50pm-07:20am) to Beijing.

Meals: Chinese Breakfast + Chinese Lunch
Accommodation: on train, 4 berth cabin, soft sleeper