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Tipping & Gratuities

Gratuities are customary in travel industry in China, depending on the service. Tipping is expected and their purpose is to encourage and reward quality service. Our tour guides, drivers, hotel porters do their utmost to make the trip smooth and pleasant. Gratuities are a way of showing your appreciation and also constitute a large part of their monthly income.

• Guide & Driver

The following are recommended every day gratuities for every traveler to give to both the guide and driver. It is standard that tips ought to be given in an envelope toward the end of every guide/driver's segment of the overall trip.


Group Size Guide (per traveler per day) Driver (per traveler per day)
1 traveler CNY100 CNY50
2 travelers CNY80 CNY40
3 travelers CNY60 CNY30
4 travelers CNY50 CNY25
5 travelers CNY50 CNY25
6 travelers CNY50 CNY25
7 travelers CNY40 CNY20
8 travelers CNY40 CNY20
9 travelers CNY40 CNY20
10-19 travelers CNY30 CNY15
20 travelers above CNY25 CNY10


• Yangtze River Cruise

Tipping is separate from the above. For recommended amount, the cruise lines will suggest tipping guidelines. Usually it is CNY150.00 net per passenger for the entire cruise tour. You may also need porters to help you with your luggage when embarking or disembarking the cruise ship. The tipping is usually CNY10.00 per suitcase.

• Hotel

If the hotel bellboy's is required to assist with your luggage(s), the customary tip is CNY10.00 per bag.

• Restaurant

Gratuities are not expected.

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